Welcoming Ellis Heath

Cooper Hodge, Staff Reporter

Salida High School welcomes many new teachers, including social studies teacher Heath Ellis! Ellis is one of the many newcomers to join the Salida High School teaching team. This year, he teaches current events, Honors World History, and psychology. He really wants to make a positive impact on students’ lives.

“I would like to develop professionally and continue making connections with the students,” said Ellis.

Before being based in Salida, Ellis lived in multiple different cities, states and countries including the Netherlands, California, and our very own Denver, Colorado. He’s lived in Colorado for around 20 years and still thinks it’s amazing here. In the past, Ellis taught political science and social change. He has also taught multiple musicology classes including elementary music, string orchestra and history of rock and roll. Ellis had many motivations for becoming a teacher, including enjoying the general teaching schedule and liking kids.

“I love kids/students of all ages. That’s the primary motivation,” Ellis said.

Ellis has lived in Salida for a while, and both of his children go to school in Salida. His daughter, Giselle, is 11 and in middle school. His son Kahlil is seven and in elementary school. He has a cat, Daisy, and a dog, Spirit. 

“Both my kids go to school in this district. I was commuting to Buena Vista last year, so I really wanted to live and work in the same community,” Ellis said.

Ellis enjoys rock climbing, playing music, and going camping with his family in his free time. Ellis has lived in Salida, Colorado for one year and was excited to join the Salida High School community because of his love for teaching. So far, Ellis has loved the culture of Salida High School.

“I really appreciate the culture of the high school. People seem to be really connected to the environment and outdoor activities. For the most part everyone seems respectful,” Ellis said. 

Ellis has taught previously in Avery Parsons elementary school in Buena Vista and Metropolitan State University in Denver. So far, he has been loving his job here and thinks the students are wonderful. Thank you Ellis for taking on this important job. Salida High School looks forward to his future here!