Elf Movie Review


Graysa Kindle, Staff Reporter

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf. I love how Buddy has the opportunity to discover a new world when he gets to New York where he sees so many new things. He also has a wonderful reunion with his father. At first, his father is very annoyed and upset that he is in New York, and then he realizes how much he loves his son.

The story starts off in the North Pole. It shows how Buddy is different from all of the other elves, but it also shows how everyone still loves him and accepts him as  a normal member of the elf family. He has lived in a fantasy land all of his life, and this left him struggling to make his way around the realistic lifestyle that New York had to offer. For example, the people of New York were not always happy like the people at Buddy’s home in the North pole, but he continued to persevere and try to fit in. Although he had never had the same lifestyle as the people around him and was having a difficult time understanding their way of life, he had such a big and kind heart. He made an effort to help whenever he could, even if he didn’t know what he was doing. For example, he made his step mother a breakfast of spaghetti and syrup. Although he liked it, it was obviously not something she wanted to eat. In the end his kindness paid off, and his father, step mother and half brother became very close to him and enjoyed his company. 

This story is close to my heart because I think that the perseverance of Buddy is so important. He continues to make an effort to have a relationship with his father even after being rejected by him multiple times. I have been in a similar situation with a friend of mine. I also love how he brightens people’s days no matter what by being happy and funny all the time. 

My favorite part of the movie is when Buddy attaches the fake Santa after seeing his fake beard. This scene always makes me laugh.

Every time I think of Christmas, this is the first movie that comes to mind.