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Maddie Porter
Hi, my name is Maddie Porter. I am a Senior at Salida High School and a staff writer and ads manager for the Tenderfoot Times. I’ve been on the staff since my Junior year, and have found an immense adoration for journalism. I love getting the opportunity to talk to people in the school and community, about things I may not have ever thought about if it weren’t for the newspaper. 

I am the SHS Student Body President, and vice president of the school band program. I occupy my free time by mountain biking and skiing. I’ve been on the Salida Racing high school mountain bike team for all four years of high school, and am a captain this year. I mostly ski for fun but have dappled in racing. My dog Truffle is the salsa to my chips and my favorite family member.

Maddie Porter, Ads Manager

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Maddie Porter