The Distance Between Us


Makiah Parris, Sports Editor

Throughout life, I’ve always had that one person to run to. That one person who provided me love and understanding, and not only did I share my most favored memories, but my blood and last name as well. Although I’m glad Fellanie is able to go to the University of Hawaii at Manoa for college, she still was right there with me every single day for 16 years of my life. Most kids will say they don’t get along with their siblings, that there’s constant arguing and fighting. Oftentimes this is the case, although fortunately for me, my sister is my best friend, my go-to. 

We’ve always clicked and connected in a special sisterly way. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked up to her. If she did a sport, I was eager to do the same one, or if she bought a pair of shoes, I was up at the register with the same pair. 

She taught me a lot. She showed me things like how to do my hair, put makeup on, or even how to drive. She also taught me a lot of what not to do. My parents always told me to “learn from her mistakes” and for the most part, I did. I didn’t think a five year age difference was such a big gap until I watched her walk across stage at her high school graduation my 7th grade year. Understanding that people start their lives before others was hard for me to acknowledge. I knew she couldn’t wait for me and that she had plans for her future I had to accept. Unfortunately, those plans happened to be 3,275 miles away. 

Seeing an empty room down the hallway was heartbreaking. She wasn’t there for me to jump on her bed to wake up, she wasn’t there to steal clothes from or put makeup on or have constant singing sessions with. I never thought I’d say I miss the yelling or hair pulling, but at times I do. I constantly find myself being reminded of the memories we made together, and I think about the time I’ll be able to see her again since she’s left. She always had the most adventurous soul, traveling nearly every weekend and luckily I was able to be in the front seat on every road trip, or handed an extra plane ticket. Although I’m not able to run to my sister whenever, I know she’s living it up in Hawaii, doing the things she’s always wanted, and living her best life.