Freshman Stress


Karli Bainbridge, Staff Reporter

How does being a high schooler affect your brain? Being a new high schooler, I can definitely feel my brain change. 

From a very young age, I have been able to create and make things in my mind. Daydreaming and coming up with fun ideas has always been a breeze. But ever since high school started I feel my brain has buzzed away. What I mean by this is that as a high schooler my brain feels so overwhelmed. I focus on things that may not be worth actually worrying about. I feel like having all these responsibilities, just floods my head with unneeded stress.

Maybe it is just the change. Middle school to high school is a big change.  You feel nervous and vulnerable. It feels like there is a lot more schoolwork and a lot of new people. It felt overwhelming and too much. I bet I am not the only person who felt that way. After all, as high schoolers our brain is not fully developed, so it can sometimes be easy to affect it. I am not blaming it all on high school. Like I said it can just be the changes. Especially in 2020, when we were all stuck with the same group of kids, seeing so many faces in a day can also be stressful. 

But with the negatives of high school, there are also positives. Although there is more schoolwork, there is also more freedom. There is just a lot to adapt to. Your brain needs to go from daydreaming, and free-roaming, to actually caring about your future, what’s ahead of you, what classes you want to take, and other personal problems. So yes, in my opinion, I think being a new incoming high schooler, my brain has majorly changed. I can feel myself staying focused longer. But with that comes less time to daydream, and being way more stressed out.