Fans Then And Now


Makiah Parris, Sports Editor

Being able to be on the court is a dream come true. Playing hard and getting competitive is one rush or motivation of wanting to win. Hearing complete silence while dribbling the ball down the court felt strange and off. I didn’t hear my family cheering me on or any of the rivals’ members hollering as the scoreboard counted down. These games reminded me of more of a practice than a game and due to COVID circumstances, none of our sports teams had any verbal support during our games. Not only did athletes have to play in a gym full of silence, but the community wasn’t able to watch the games against our rivals, or games where their kids or grand kids participated. This feeling and experience was very discouraging. Where was the student section? Or the ability to shake the opponent’s hand? I didn’t find myself constantly thinking “you need to do good, everyone’s watching” because nobody was. Games had to be streamed live where it was either hard to access or glitchy. Every time I have an interception or good play I always look up to my dad and fans. But this year, when I made a three-pointer, or had a good play I was proud of, I looked up to empty stands. I felt downhearted that I wasn’t able to share that special moment with people who’ve been to every single one of my games. Fortunately, as the season went on, COVID restrictions began to lift but it still wasn’t the same. 

I feel sorry for the student athletes and seniors and wish they didn’t have to play their sports’ seasons in a way where it didn’t seem like they had a full conventional season. Being a freshman and having to start sports in high school with barely anyone was devastating. Not only was there a maximum capacity for athletes in the gym at once, but many student athletes decided to or couldn’t play due to the risk and prioritization of their health. Fortunately, this year I’m able to enjoy my sports seasons’ and have the opportunity to invite and have friends and family attend. Hearing the student section roar for the first time in a year was so empowering and motivating. Having the support from my family and peers is so special and has improved this year’s season so much. Being able to have fans again is so encouraging. I hope to continue my high school years as traditionally as possible with seasons I’ll remember and cherish for the rest of my life.of my favorite things to do. Although this previous year, I felt as if I didn’t have the adrenaline.