School Board Elections


Olive Ritchie, Staff Reporter

UPDATE (Nov. 3): Jodi Breckenridge-Petit has been elected as the Salida School Board Director for District 2 over Abby Jefferson. Joseph Smith has been elected for the Salida School Board Director for District 4 over opponent Catherine Rich. All other candidates ran unopposed. 

The beginning of November brings an essential element of democracy: voting. This November, there is an election appointing members of
the school board. Jodi Breckenridge Petit and Abby Jefferson are currently running to be the Director of District 2. Jodi Breckenridge Petit is an incumbent candidate for Director of District Two. She strives to keep everyone in the school safe and physically in school. She wants every teacher to have the best contract possible while finding creative solutions to staffing shortages within the school district. She wants to create future graduation requirements and add more Colorado Mountain College trade courses and certifications.

“My skill set matches the needs of a school board,” Breckenridge Petit said in an interview with The Mountain Mail.

She is a substitute teacher at Longfellow Elementary School, teaches English as a second language at Horizons and has a doctorate in effective teaching methods. Earlier in her life, she volunteered in the army while her husband, Brian, served. This taught her valuable skills such as dealing with tragedy, strategic thinking, deeper understanding of information and practicing patience and grace.

“I value listening to differing views, finding consensus and improving an already strong organization,” Breckenridge Petit said during an interview with The Mountain Mail.

Abby Jefferson is the opposing District 2 candidate. She does not currently hold a position on the school board. She said she knows there is no one type of education that is right for all students. She says she will promote sports and other extracurricular activities. She plans to avoid mask mandates. She wants to improve communication within the school system, and have better cooperation between the school system and law enforcement. She hopes parents will attend board meetings. Jefferson also wants to incorporate life skill training to help students be successful after graduation.

“I’m great at listening to all points of view and good at advocating for anyone,” Jefferson said during an interview with The Mountain Mail.

With a degree in criminal justice, Jefferson is a criminal defense investigator. She says this makes her more likely to listen to all sides of a story instead of jumping to conclusions. She has also volunteered at Longfellow Elementary School in her childrens’ classes and at her church.

‘“Let’s come together, Salida,” Jefferson said in an interview with The Mountain Mail.

Elections can often be a time of division within communities. However, choosing the right candidate in an election can help bring unity. Voting is a vital part of democracy, and it helps give a voice to people who may feel they don’t have one. To help make the school board an accurate reflection of our community, vote for the candidate that you feel is the best fit for the Salida School District school board.