Teacher Appreciation


Gwen Ramsey

Gwen Ramsey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It’s my 12th year in the Salida School District. 27 teachers have made an impact on my life and shaped me into who I am today. Over the years everyone has had a teacher that will hold a place in their lives until they grow old, whose words stick with them.

In middle school music class when I wanted to learn to drum, my dad would always tell me the story of his middle school music teacher. After hearing him bang on the kick and bash the cymbals as hard as he could, she declared he could never be good at the drums. She must have had some sort of impact on him, now that he recalls her words 40 years later.

Unlike my dad’s ruthless band educationist, the community of teachers I’ve had in the Salida School District have been nothing short of extraordinary. Every one of them has connected with me on a personal level and cared about my success. From sweet Ms. Kathy at the early childhood center to hilarious Mr. Tameler in the 3rd grade, hard-working Mrs. Bass in middle school, quick-witted Mr. Maxwell at SHS, and all of the wonderful people in between, each have led me to be who I am today.

My story wouldn’t be complete without my favorite, Mrs. Gamache. When late last month, through teary eyes, she told us about her decision to resign, I was quite honestly devastated. Mrs. Gamache is not only my favorite teacher, but my friend, my support, and also a source of my happiness. I’ll reminisce on the times we spent. When we would chat, when we would laugh, when I would complain and she would listen, when we made posters, went on scavenger hunts, and shared funny looks from across the room. Mrs. Gamache helped me learn that writing could be an outlet for me, the power of self-reflection, and that I was capable as a leader of the Tenderfoot Times. I admire Mrs. Gamache and her decision to do what was best for her personally. I hope that this will be one of the lessons I carry into my life as well. If something isn’t working, then make the hard choice and make a change.

Being a teacher is a service that can’t be thanked enough. Today more than ever, educators are expected to be more than a teacher. They must be a counselor, a disciplinarian, an entertainer, on top of molding a kid to be a positive member of society. Breaks are spent planning and evenings are filled with grading. Great teachers use their free time thinking about kids other than their own, putting our lives before theirs.

Everyone deserves to be content and feel valued, especially those who hold so much power and impact in shaping the lives of kids. The least I can do as a senior looking towards my future is to thank those who have led me to where I am. My teachers have held a fundamental role in shaping my interests and forming me into the best human I can possibly be.