Welcoming Coach Spanier


Nora Paschall, Staff Reporter

With the departure of volleyball coaches Haley Hume and Kelsie Carr, comes the arrival of new head coach Kristi Spanier and JV coach Molly Collins. Most people think that volleyball is just a game that anyone can play, but both new coaches agree it is a game that requires skill, precision, and athleticism. Volleyball is fast-paced and incredibly fun to watch: middle blockers normally jump three hundred times a game, and outside hitters normally jump one hundred and fifty times and dive another 50. 

Spanier has coached volleyball for a total of 7 years, including coaching in Salida 10 years ago and also at Mullen High School. She also played college volleyball at UNC. 

“I kind of just believe in investing in kids through team sports,” said Spanier. 

Collins played volleyball all four years of high school at Loveland High School. She coached volleyball at Jefferson High school and has also coached basketball and track. Collins still loves to play volleyball as an adult with her friends in the park. During covid especially she was reminded of how much fun volleyball is and wanted to get back into it. 

“I think it is the quintessential team sport. You have to keep the ball up off the floor and it just has a lot of value in teaching life skills through team effort,” stated Spanier. 

Collins explained that volleyball can be extremely fast-paced and can be very unpredictable. Volleyball players rely on their teammates to give you a good pass in order to set, hit, and ultimately score.  

“When you’re on a team that works really hard, has fun together, encourages each other and plays because you want to play, it’s so much fun,” said Collins.  

Collins’ favorite thing about coaching is when athletes come together and have fun.  When a team comes back from behind or a loss, it’s fun to see them come together and overcome the challenge.  Spanier’s favorite thing about coaching is the life skills and teamwork that her players learn.  

Collins said, “I absolutely love working with these volleyball girls from freshman all the way to seniors. They are very positive, they work super hard and for anybody who can come out and watch a game they should come watch because they’re super fun to watch.”

The Lady Spartans are fortunate to have two new coaches with playing and coaching experience as well as a deep passion for the game. Both Coach Spanier and Coach Collins are dedicated to developing great athletes as well as great people. They share the common goals of having fun, working hard, developing teamwork, and other life skills. With these coaches to guide them, the Lady Spartans are inevitably headed toward success.