Movie Review: Nope


Cooper Hodge, Staff Reporter

For generations, humans have looked at the stars and pondered one question: Are we alone in the universe? If life does exist outside our small blue planet, would it be benevolent or hostile? Jordan Peele’s newest horror movie, Nope, has captured our primal fear of the unknown, and our desire for proof that we are not the only life in the universe. The story takes place in a remote desert area of California. Two siblings, Otis Haywood Jr. and Emerald Haywood, that are running their family’s horse ranch discover the existence of a U.F.O that causes chaos by abducting the townsfolk of their small community. A nearby theme park owner tries to use the strange object for his own profit by attempting to tame the alien craft. He is doing this to try to become rich and famous. It soon becomes a race between the Haywood Ranch and the corrupt theme park to become incredibly famous for getting the first documented proof of alien life. But they soon realize not all is as it seems. 

This movie takes the cliches of the stereotypical alien movie and converts them into a highly original piece. Peele creates a masterpiece of storytelling with many hidden meanings in the film. If Peele’s other works are crafted as masterfully as this, I can’t wait to watch them as I really enjoyed this film. Throughout the film, the Haywood ranch and the nearby theme park want to use the flying object to become rich and famous, but they soon learn that getting proof of the ship may cost them their lives. I believe that Nope is one of 2022’s best films. It is for sure one of my favorites, and I cannot recommend this movie enough. It highlights the idea that no matter how hard we try to control nature for our own benefit, we will inevitably destroy ourselves in the process. The actors did an amazing job. It promotes the idea that people should not try to exploit the natural world for our own benefit. The horror aspect of it makes it interesting and terrifying all at the same time. If you want to watch a highly original and entertaining horror film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, then say yes to Jordan Peele’s Nope