My Love for Golf


Emma Trollip, Staff Reporter

When I was around 3 years old, my dad started to work at the golf course and fell in love with golf. He began to get me out on the golf course to play with him and I NEVER liked it. It always felt like a chore to go practice. He also was not the ideal coach. He would get mad over any little mistakes I made, and I never felt like I could be good no matter what anyone said. 

My first ever tournament I was the youngest in my group. My dad told me I got 5th overall, but now I feel like he just told me that to make me feel good. I never thought I was a good player, but when I got into middle school and had actual coaches tell me I was good, I started to actually enjoy it. I finally felt like I was getting better. I became more confident in myself, and I felt ready to play for the high school team.

 At the beginning of the season, I didn’t qualify for a single tournament. I was so close every time, always one stroke away from qualifying. Then one day, I qualified for my first varsity tournament. I was so excited and so surprised. It was an overnight tournament, so we’d play one tournament the first day and stay the night. Then, when we woke up, we’d go to another tournament. Honestly, it was really boring, but for my first real tournament I did so well. 

After a few tournaments, I made friends from different schools and became really close friends with the girls on the golf team. I am also branching out by getting to know new people instead of shutting down. If my dad never had me play golf, I would absolutely not be where I am today.