What Fall Means to Me


Nora Paschall, Staff Reporter

Fall is a wonderful time. It’s in that in between time where it’s not super hot, but it’s not cold yet, and you can enjoy the perfect weather. There are so many great things about fall that it is hard to choose the best. Pumpkin patches, fall leaves and pumpkin pie are some of my favorites. 

I have so many memories of going to pumpkin patches with my family and trying to find the perfect pumpkin. My youngest sister would always try to find the biggest pumpkin no matter what it looked like, and my middle sister would always look for a perfect small pumpkin. I would find a perfect pumpkin no matter how long it took. After we finally found pumpkins, we would dash through the corn maze playing tag and sprinting around like crazy people. Then, as a tradition we would always have to sip hot apple cider and enjoy the fall breeze.

Although there are so many amazing things about fall, I think the best thing about fall is the food. A fresh pumpkin pie or a warm fall soup makes the whole day better. When I get home late after a full day of school and sports and I can smell a fresh pumpkin pie baking in the oven, all of the hard work from the day becomes worth it. My mom spends all year harvesting seeds from past pumpkins, replanting them and then watching over the pumpkins as they grow. So her pumpkin pies are the best because they are made with fresh pumpkin from the garden. Another fall treat that is so delicious is a pumpkin spice latte. Once fall starts and you can start ordering your fall coffee order, every day with your hot drink is automatically better than it is any other day. 

Another thing that makes fall so fun is the leaves. When I see a tree with gorgeous fall leaves, it makes me so happy. I also love running around and crunching through all the leaves. It makes the best sound and it is so satisfying. Walking in the fall air and crunching leaves under your feet is quite possibly one of the best feelings ever. 

If you asked me to describe a perfect day in fall it would probably be something along the lines of walking outside with the fall breeze blowing in your face while you are crunching leaves under your feet. It’s that magical time when there are lots of leaves under your feet to crunch, but there are also plenty of leaves in the trees to look at and enjoy. I have my favorite sweater and leggings on, and I have my pumpkin spice latte in my hand. My friends are with me and we are just enjoying each other’s company and the fall air. While it lasts, fall is a season to celebrate perfect weather, the taste of pumpkin spice, gorgeous leaves, and cozy clothes.