Why I Think We Should End the Human Race


Amelia Hobbs, Staff Reporter

Look I know what everyone’s thinking reading that title, but there are a lot of reasons. Everyone’s probably thinking that’s so extreme, why would we end everything as we know it, and for the people asking yes I do include myself while talking about this. Reason number one: we as a species have caused more harm to the earth and environment than we have done well. Reason number two: So many people suffer because of things humans have created. 

People cause harm to the environment just by living their everyday lives. Things like driving, buying from large companies, and even using air conditioners. All of these things and so much more harm the environment. Even though it is mainly large corporations doing to most damage, by supporting these corporations we are unintentionally harming the environment. Even if we got half of the population to be eco-friendly with these huge corporations we can’t do much about it. Ending the support for these corporations would be almost impossible as we use most of their products in our daily lives, and cutting them out would be nearly impossible

Humans have both created and helped the suffering of others. But the good outways the bad in many ways, we have both created and cured many diseases that killed many. While we are capable of doing good things, we are almost twice as good at hurting others. We all hear about murders and starvation and homelessness. Humans have the resources to stop most of that, we just make a choice to leave the bottom few at the bottom and let them figure it out, while our rich just get even richer. While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the number of poor or working-class people continues to grow. Humans have a history of violence and oppression. Humans are almost trained to want wealth and power, and let the few rich get away with whatever they want just because they are rich. 

If you’ve been following the news recently you may already know how bad the environmental crisis is, and it will only continue to go downhill if we don’t make a huge change to the way we live. If we continue to let corporations dump waste, and pollute the environment, then we won’t have a home to save. We would not only ruin the earth for ourselves but also for all the wonderful plants and animals we have living here. There is always a chance to turn things around but, at the rate we are going, we might as well just save what is left.