Spring Musical Debuts


Lucia Zettler, Website and Photo Editor

This Spring, the Salida High School drama team presented their spring musical: The Pajama Game. This captivating show follows the workers of a pajama factory as they navigate the struggles of factory work in the early 1950’s. Unlike other productions, this show was a full length musical, which lasted around three hours. 

The drama team also has a new director this year, SHS’ very own musical director, Andre Wilkins. Wilkins had often helped drama out with musicals, and when Devon Kasper—the previous director—stepped down from her position, Wilkins applied. 

“Doing theater is something I’ve always wanted to do. Working in theater was where I thought my career was gonna go […] It’s like being head coach of the performing arts,” Wilkins said. 

The Pajama Game was a musical that Wilkins has always admired, and even participated in when he was in high school, which weighed into his decision to present it here. He consulted with his former high school theater director who told him to do something he knew and something he could cast—and the Pajama Game was perfect. 

As Wilkins evaluated the Drama Team and the skills everyone had, the show started coming together. Senior Lexi Gage was awarded the role of Katherine (Babe) Williams, the pajama factory union organizer, and junior Ben Smith played the tenor role of Sid Sorokin, the factory superintendent that Babe falls in love with. 

“It ended up working really well,” Wilkins said. 

Britt Searles also helped the team out with choreography for the first time this year. She worked throughout rehearsals and on club days to help students learn their parts and choreography. 

“I never felt like we were really truly behind on anything because she was there helping kids,” Wilkins said. 

Performing a musical of this scale with tons of dancing and some difficult scenes can be challenging, but the drama team’s hard work has clearly paid off in this incredible show!