The Evolution of Me


Karli Bainbridge, Staff Reporter

My personality hasn’t been formed by just me. I wasn’t just born with my personality fully developed. It’s taken years of knowing, loving, and building relationships with people that make my personality what it is today. 

Recently, I’ve noticed that I have collected some of my best traits from certain people. Whether it’s what they say, or how they act, I find myself subconsciously doing the things they do and incorporating these actions. From the slang they use to their physical mannerisms, I find myself mimicking those I’m close to.

Let’s start by examining my best friend, Emma. She has a personality that glows. She has a very contagious laugh that goes perfectly with her unconcealable smile. We’ve known each other since preschool, since we were two to be exact. It’s a friendship that can only be considered as “brother from another mother.” From her, I have learned not to hide a smile. In all the wrong situations, you can see the corners of Emma’s mouth lift just a bit. It starts out small, only a sly smile. Then it escalates into covering her mouth while she turns away from whatever is making her smile. I find myself watching this, and copying her movements. I myself don’t control it. 

Once it starts I cannot stop it. I’m very grateful for this, and for knowing Emma well enough to share this with her. Because of her, I know to never stop smiling! 

Shae is another one of my twin flames. But this friendship should be described as “whatever you do, I’m standing next to you doing it too.” Shae has this fiery aspect to her, and I admire her a lot for it. If she wants to do something, she’s going to get it done. What I take from Shae is her eagerness to live. Ever since I have known Shae, we get caught in these moments where I feel nothing but freedom. One time,when we were on a bike ride up Tenderfoot Mountain, she just stopped to feel the air on her face. That’s Shae. 

Finally, I find myself mimicking my parents more often than I ever expected. They have a “get stuff done” mindset and work ethic that I admire so much. My mom is so strong, while still maintaining one of the kindest hearts I know. She answers 911 calls and has to deal with all kinds of random issues, and through it all she stays kind, positive and upbeat. My dad has the strongest mind I know. He exhibits a consistent mental toughness that I could only dream of developing. He is a firefighter and has to deal with tough situations everyday, while remaining calm and collected. But out of all of their amazing qualities, I think that I am most impacted by their mindset. I’m not as good at it as they are, but I hope one day I will be as strong as them. 

There are so many other qualities that I admire and take from others. Whether it’s how they talk, to what they say or even how they act, I see myself following, and shadowing their everyday acts. It makes me think about what I say, and how I act– and it makes me realize that because of these people, I’m becoming a better human. I have every special person in my life to thank for that.

I think about the things people would take from me. I wonder if I have traits that are desirable to others as well. I feel like everyone does, but I don’t know what mine are, or if they are even mine. All of my traits have been passed on from person to person, I am one giant melting pot of everyone I’ve known and loved.

So, as I sit here and finish up this column, I’m thinking about all of the traits, mannerisms, and life lessons I’ve gained from the people in my life. While I’m thinking, I can only wonder…does this happen to everyone? I hope it does. I hope everyone gets to experience the genuine joy of sharing traits with their favorite people.