Being Yourself


Scarlett Campbell

Scarlett Campbell, Staff Reporter

As teenagers, living in the times of technology and social media, there’s so much pressure out there. So many unrealistic expectations of who we should, and can be. We see the Instagram models, the perfect relationships, the perfect bodies, and the photoshop used among celebrities, influencers, and even our own friends. Some of us see social media as a safe place, and others see it as the most toxic environment for people our age. Personally, I believe that social media can be a good outlet to freely express yourself, but the opinion will always be different among parents, teenagers, teachers, etc. 

You may have heard a million times the phrase “Be Yourself”  It means so much, but at the same time, so little. Sometimes, it may feel like the phrase has lost some importance, that it’s overused. The phrase doesn’t fix everything. A question that may arise is, “How can I be myself?” Here are some tips that I’ve found, to find and be the best version of you

To start, accepting yourself is one of the very first steps of soul searching, and being yourself. Going back to the topic of social media, there’s pressure, and judgement, and even some vulnerability in the social media sites we love so much. So accepting yourself, and the wonderful person that you are, is the first step. It may seem hard, and for me it was. I lacked confidence, I felt really alone, and pushed away the person I truly was, as I thought people would talk, and judge. I then realized that someone is always going to judge, but I shouldn’t let that stop me. It may seem super hard, but you’ll get there. 

The second step, to me, is the most important. Recognizing, and eliminating negative self-talk. We say things, and think things, and judge ourselves so much we may not even realize it. We may blatantly say things about ourselves, “I’m pulling a D in math, I suck,” or “my nose is too big.” Or you may internalize the negative things you say, sometimes you may not even realize it. So as long as we recognize that negative self-talk, we’re one step closer. 

Our next step is to celebrate our strengths no matter how small they may be. Anything you find to be an accomplishment, is an accomplishment. Congratulate yourself in any sort of way you see fit. It may seem silly sometimes, even if it’s over the smallest of things. Getting a 90% on your algebra homework, or finally being able to hit that high note for the closing number of the school musical 

As teenagers, we’re faced with so many things. So it’s important to always be yourself, and be proud.