We Need Constants in our Life


Fern Clark, Staff Reporter

Throughout this past summer, while my friends and I have had more time to wander aimlessly, I have discovered my newly found appreciation for the airport light. I’m sure any Salida or Poncha Springs resident has seen the airport light, no matter if they were aware of what they were looking at. The airport light, as the name indicates, is located right next to airport road. Airport road is a wonder all on its own, as it twists and turns through rural farmland, which adds to my awe for the airport light. It is a powerful rotating light that’s beam can be seen from miles away, and best seen at night. I have speculated different ideas as to what the light’s purpose is; perhaps it is like a lighthouse or maybe a signal to planes as to where they’re heading. The real reason for the airport light is ultimately insignificant to me, because I have my own purpose for it. I see the light as one of a few, solid constants in my life. By “constant,” I mean that it doesn’t change. The airport light is always there. It’s dependable.

I don’t have a crazy and unpredictable life by any means. However, just as an overwhelming number of emails have drilled into my head these last six months, these are unprecedented times. Everything I have assumed to be a constant in my life, has proved itself not to be. Even normal school, which I have not always enjoyed, I now see is something to not be taken for granted. It’s not a guarantee anymore. I think that constants in everyones’ life are important, whether people have chaos filled lives, or a lack thereof. Sure, one might say that the airport light isn’t truly a constant because it could shut off any time, or it could get damaged in some way. However, I see no proof that it ever has, or ever will, stop spinning with its giant light beam. In my eyes, that makes it a constant. I believe constants can be whatever someone wants it to be, because although it seems a bit ridiculous, I think it’s practically a human necessity to have something that can’t change.