Online School Offerings

Ellie King, Staff Reporter

This year due to COVID-19 all students have been given the opportunity to either learn online or in person. Most Salida students are using the Colorado Digital Learning Solutions program (CDLS). There are several different reasons students decided to start learning online. For some students, it is the possibility the Coronavirus could affect them or their family. Others just found that they enjoy online school better than in-person learning. Some students have decided to come back to in-person school either in the first few weeks or are planning to come back to in-person at the beginning of the second semester. 

Students such as Senior Reece White, are using CMC’s online classes as well. Reece’s day starts at about 7:30 am and she finishes all classes around 8:30 pm. White is taking college courses that are a dual credit for both high school and college credit. She is not planning on returning to Salida High School this year, but hopes to do in-person learning in college. White said, “I miss the social aspect, but I have more opportunities taking classes online.” 

Sophomore Tatum Fisher, went online this year because she was expecting the school to go back to being fully online. When school continued Fisher, stayed online because she liked it better than in-person class.

Fisher said “classes are mostly self-navigated, but not self-paced. Except for the due dates for assignments, you’re pretty much on your own.” 

Fisher starts her day at about eight or nine o’clock am and ends class around four. She has made a set schedule for herself every day. Each class is about an hour long. Fisher is taking many AP classes this year, and enjoys the way the classes are structured. Tatum is planning to return in January.

 “I am able to keep up with online school and it is working, but I miss my friends,” said Tatum. “The only thing I miss about in-person school, other than my friends, is Mr. Lutt.” 

She has more free time being online, during which she is usually working or spending time with her family. Tatum is enjoying online school but she wants to be closer to her friends. 

This year, students are more aware of online school learning and it provides many more opportunities. Students are discovering these new methods to learn from that are easier for them. It is providing more opportunities for their education that they might not have gotten if it wasn’t for the new online school system. Not only is online school in the comfort of your own home, you can work at your own pace on your own time. You are able to spread your workout making it easier to manage your time. Online classes don’t have room for busy work. The assignment and due date are posted, making it a lot more convenient for students. There are multiple online teachers specifically ready to help students with work and answer questions through email and google meets. Although there is a lack of face to face contact, the online learning environment is a really positive addition to a lot of student’s learning.