Daydreaming the Unreasonable


Elle King

Ellie King, Staff Reporter

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about these kinds of futures that I want, but probably won’t happen because of money and stuff but it’s fun to dream. Of course all of these things are possible if I work hard enough. Anything is possible if you work hard enough for it, but it’s just kind of an unrealistic thing to work to. These are all more ‘what ifs’ than they are goals. 

The year after going to art college. I want to live in a van and go skiing, surfing, and hiking around the world. I want to live in a small town and sell honey from my honey bee farm and live in an apartment above a bakery I work at. I could hang some of my art on the walls of the bakery that people can buy. In my small apartment my walls are covered with murals, and it’s a very cozy home. I grow peppers and rosemary in a little window garden in the apartment. I have a small vintage car, and I drive to a good view to paint every morning. I have an orange tabby cat that wanders the town and everyone loves him. On holidays I make preserves and sew clothes for my friends and family and send letters with wax seals.

What if I became a really famous artist for a couple of years and then donate most of my money and then disappear to live alone in a log cabin next to a lake. The cabin has a little outdoor kitchen with a stone oven where I can bake bread and such. A pottery shed in the woods next to a quaint town somewhere random where no one can find me. I build birdhouses, and I befriend the squirrels. I’m the crazy old lady everyone talks about, but no one actually knows for sure if I exist except a few kids who I have become a mentor for and teach art to. Oh to be the mystical crazy squirrel lady. 

Once I had enough money, what if I just traveled the world in a little biplane? If I had everything I needed in my plane and just traveled. If I was going for a long flight I would just pack some extra food. When I land if it’s really late, I could just sleep in my little plane that night. I would know so many people around the world. I would show up to family gatherings with little souvenirs and stories of my adventures for the little kids, and I would take them up for a little flight once in a while. I could go around to different places to learn about cultures and different religions and art. 

These are really just fantasies. Things I would do if I didn’t have to have money. I would also get pretty lonely as well. It’s kind of funny how in all of my dream realities I’m not really in contact with anyone except my animals for most of the time. Even though I am in no way an extrovert, I don’t think I could be by myself like that for my whole life. I would go insane without some friends or family. But if I could, I would love to do any of these for at least a year or two. 

Sometimes it’s just fun to think about the unreasonable.