A Guide to Traveling During COVID


Makiah Parris, Staff Reporter

Traveling is something many people such as myself enjoy. It allows us to get out, visit family, and take a break from our day-to-day lives. Having family in Oregon, I tend to travel a lot. I personally think it’s very important to spend as much time with family as possible. Although, trying to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic can be extremely stressful and challenging. I recently traveled to Arizona and it was very hard to keep a safe distance from other travelers coming in and out of Arizona. Some planes such as mine were delayed 2 hours so they could get everything properly cleaned and sanitized. Snacks and beverages were limited and certain face coverings were denied. I walked through the airport with the worry of the spread of Covid, because I didn’t want to bring it to my elderly grandparents and expose them. 

Airports now have a list of safety precautions that lawfully need to be followed. Due to these precautions, airlines have had to cut their maximum capacity in half, making it hard to find flights that aren’t sold out. Since airlines are not making as much money, tickets have increased in price to make up for it. Many flights have had to be canceled without refunds and are short in staff. I think it would be very difficult being a crew member during these times because you not only come into contact with hundreds of people, but you’re risking your and your family’s health. They just don’t get paid enough to be working in these risky situations. 

This creates the fear of getting Covid in another state and bringing it back home to their loved ones for many families. The safest way to stop the spread is to stay home. Even though I would prefer to travel, I have to think about others’ safety and do what’s best. Not being able to do one of my favorite things is very devastating, but for now, I can just hope safe traveling will go back to normal soon. Many people have made their living in the travel industry. Luckily, many company’s employees are able to work from home but it still doesn’t completely stop the need to travel. 

When traveling during the pandemic it is very important to keep in mind all the safety precautions and knowing the risks involved. Making sure you have proper face coverings and keeping appropriate distances from others is a necessity. Traveling smart and safely is the best way to be able to get out of town, see loved ones, and limit the spread as much as possible. 

Even though I miss having the ability to safely leave Colorado, I need to do my part in stopping the spread and focus on what’s more important.