The Benefits of Apple Pay


Makiah Parris, Staff Reporter

Announced in 2014, Apple Pay has reshaped the way money moves. The idea of having touchless money evoked many across the world to change to a faster, safer way to purchase. Improving the technology of how we buy products can save time and reduce the risk of theft and worry by allowing us to limit visual payments whereas purchasing with cash or a card, not only is it extra steps but it draws attention from other customers. 

When using Apple Pay, I don’t have to worry about extra pockets, exact change, or whether or not it’ll get stolen. It limits the attention that you’d get pulling money out of your pocket to purchase an item and is one of the safest methods of payment today. 

One of my favorite hobbies is to visit new places, so I travel a lot and find it very convenient to have online money to pay for meals or merchandise with just a click of a button. I have a tendency to lose money, but Apple Pay allows me to have constant reassurance and doesn’t make me always question where my money is. Being able to send money through Siri on an Apple device makes it easy for me to track when and where I’m spending my money. All I have to do is open the wallet app on my iPhone and hit “latest transactions.” If I have any complications viewing my transaction history, contacting Apple support is super easy and accommodating. Many may not favor Apple Pay as much because it’s not compatible with non-iPhone users, such as Samsung and Android. Therefore, not everyone gets the benefits and usage from Apple Pay making people have a negative or no experience using this online resource. A possible problem people fear is future retailer charges or an extra or increase in usage payments due to credit card companies stopping the sharing of fees with Apple. I personally dwell on the concern of Apple Pay changing its system of buying through their platform and prompting higher charging rates in the future for each transaction.  

Jennifer Polloc, Content Marketing Editorial Lead, Square said in an interview, “payments like Apple Pay are the most secure payment method out there. Apple Pay contains multiple layers of dynamic encryption and is also protected by TouchID, Apple’s fingerprint technology.”

I generally think Apple Pay has positively improved the way we transfer our money. In the article, “Credit Card Fraud Statistics” it states, “there were 650,572 cases of identity theft in the U.S. in 2019. Of those, 41 percent, or just over 270,000, were credit card fraud.” The article also states, “in 2018, credit card fraud made up 50.5 percent of the top 5 types of identity theft.” Making credit card fraud our top concern in identity theft. With the increase in fraud and crime rates during these times Apple Pay is able to provide a safe, protected and effective way to keep track of money.