Embarrassing Moments in the Grocery Store


Charlie Messa, Staff Reporter

We all have moments when we are in the grocery store and we do something that is really embarrassing and it makes us cringe. The range of how embarrassing these things are, can vary. I know that these things have happened to me on many occasions. 

One of the main things that I have done and seen other people do, is when you’re not paying attention to where you’re going and run into something or someone. Most of the time you are looking for something or trying to get around a lot of people and then, bam! You run into one of the display cases and knock everything over. Then everyone is looking at you. 

Even worse is when you run into someone. They look at you like you’re deranged and then walk away before you can apologize. But sometimes you get lucky and the person you ran into is nice. You have a nice conversation for a minute and then you both say you have to get home soon and you get on your way.  For me this happened when I was getting cereal. I grabbed a box and stood up to put it in the cart and then go catch up with my dad. When I started to move out of the aisle someone walked right in front of me and I ran into the side of them. They got mad and glared at me and then they kept walking. 

Another way is when you see someone that you don’t feel like talking to them at the moment.  You kinda put your head down and walk really fast trying not to be seen by them. Then if they do see you they want to talk, they ask you questions like, “What are you doing here,” or “How have you been?” In your head you think I’m buying monkeys, what does it look like I’m doing? But what you actually say is, “Oh, I’m just getting some stuff for dinner.” Then you have to try and get away as fast as you can. Maybe you make an excuse that you have someone waiting in the car for you or you have to get home fast because you have company coming. 

The last embarrassing encounter at the store happens when you drop something. When you’re in the produce section and you drop a whole bunch of apples or something like that. They all roll away and then you’re running around the aisle trying to catch apples. Then your apples have been rolling around on the floor but you can’t put them back because people saw you and you have to walk away with gross apples and a whole bunch of people looking at you. 

Then there’s the time when you drop something and it lands really loud and there are a whole bunch of people in the aisle. You have to bend down to pick it up really fast because you’re slowing people down and they are looking at you. 

Whatever it is that happened you almost alway end up being embarrassed and wishing that it hadn’t happened. But it happens to the best of us, so the best thing that you can do is hold your head high and have a good laugh about it later.