NHS Changes Hands

Makiah Parris, Staff Reporter

The National Honor Society is one of many clubs at Salida High School. It’s a commitment of service, leadership, and character to our community. It comes with opportunities such as college scholarships, college planning, and many different volunteering projects. National Honor Society teaches students how to become helpful, respectable adults by teaching them that being able to go out and help others is a privilege and that it takes a lot of work. The leaders of the school may also influence other students to go get involved with our community and get connected. Another benefit to this program is that students get to meet other dedicated students who share the same academic goals. This club teaches students many skills that may be very useful in their future life such as teamwork, leadership, and how to represent their community and school. Although, the club comes with a lot of required eligibility for these students to be able to participate and join. These requirements include: exceptional grades, trust, and highlighting the ability to lead.

For nine years, Amy Moore, a social studies teacher at SHS, has been the advisor and leader for the NHS. But this year she decided to leave the program, which left the spot open for someone to take over. Audrey Gamache, a language arts teacher at SHS, has decided to become the new sponsor.

Moore stated, “This year I had to step back, so Mrs. Gamache took over the NHS.”

Gamache stated, “I decided to be the sponsor for NHS because I really believe in its mission and service to the community and working with students.” Gamache took the role with hopes that many students will get involved and represent the school in a positive way.

Both teachers have great hopes for the NHS and its future. Gamache expressed how she thought Moore did an amazing job with NHS students. Gamache plans to do great things as well. She is making sure the students are getting involved, and enjoy being in this group and helping within the community.

The NHS club has spent many hours of service and hard work helping with seasonal activities including the annual Hutchinson Fall Pumpkin Patch, and setting up Christmas trees downtown in Holiday Park for families and the public to enjoy. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for the NHS volunteer group to gather and host events.

“We didn’t do our traditional induction ceremony and some of the projects and activities that we tend to do at the end of the year, we were just cut short,” Moore said.

Sadly, Moore’s last year of being in the NHS was a lot more challenging and different than she would have hoped for, but she was still able to maneuver through the pandemic and find ways to positively finish up the year.

Even though the beginning of this year has differed from years in the past, the NHS students have found ways to continue to do what they enjoy most. They are finding ways to work around Covid by finding different types of service projects while still following Covid safety guidelines.